Envy Nightwear: Your Source for Luxurious Lounge, Sleepwear, Lingerie and Intimate Basics

At Envy Nightwear, we are proudly Australian and family-owned. We are passionate about designing lingerie, lounge and sleepwear that celebrates real women and their beautiful bodies. We are a little cheeky in spirit. We believe every woman deserves to feel confident and comfortable, regardless of age or body shape; we are size-inclusive. We celebrate women of all ages and body shapes from size 6 to size 24/26. Our mission is simple - we want you to feel amazing, just the way you are today!

Our collections are designed to be timeless and classic, focusing on luxurious comfort over passing trends. We want every day and night to be filled with expression, gorgeous colours, and unparalleled comfort.

Our journey began with a simple frustration, which led to the creation of the most beautiful and dream-like nightwear. Sometimes, the things that challenge us turn into the most beautiful creations, fulfilling long-held childhood dreams.

Envy Nightwear is for women who value quality, comfort, individual style and luxury. We believe in the importance of self-care and celebrating your achievements, and we want to make your intimate basics and sleepwear choices effortless, unique and carefree.

Each garment is meticulously designed, created, and manufactured using our exclusive Envy Nightwear fabrics. Our fabrics are luxurious and easy to wear, wash, and care for - little or no ironing required! We also pay homage to old-world crafts and traditions, incorporating double stitching, French seams, and soon, embroidery.

Our ever-expanding range includes slips, nighties, robes, pyjama sets, camisoles, luxe loungewear, bridal sleepwear, and accessories. We also offer limited edition collections and personalised gift sets, allowing you to curate your box of sleepwear with silk pillowcases, eye masks, slippers, assorted lingerie, and laundry bags.

As proud Australians, we are inspired by the beauty of our country. We exalt the multitude of cross-cultural influences that contribute to the distinctiveness of Australian women. Whether you live in a bustling city or a rural community, we want to capture the magic of our sunlight, vast skies, stunning flora and fauna, and the vibrant colours of our land and oceans.

Explore our collection now to find your perfect fit; email us with any questions.