Kaye Hosking Envy Nightwear owner and designer
Owner and designer Kaye with partner Geoff


At Envy Nightwear, we are passionate about helping women look and feel like the beautiful goddesses they are. Owner and Designer Kaye’s vision for the Envy Nightwear brand is to offer practical sleepwear that is comfortable, stylish and full of personality. We provide luxury sleepwear that is both affordable and practical.

The Envy Nightwear brand was born out of frustration. Kaye was sick and tired of the lack of affordable feminine sleepwear on the market. Nothing that she put on in stores made her feel like sleepwear should- sexy, powerful and confident. So, she decided that something had to change. Thus, Envy Nightwear began.

Envy Nightwear is designed for the independent woman living life on her own terms. We design sleepwear and loungewear for women of all ages and body shapes, so every woman can feel sexy and comfortable in her own skin. We only use handpicked silk and satin fabrics to ensure that our nightwear is soft to the touch and comfortable to sleep in. All women deserve clothes that make them look and feel great, which is why we offer sizes from 8 to 24.

Envy Nightwear’s goal is to rise about the disposable nature of some fashion brands by creating sleepwear collections that are timeless. Innovation, practicality and sustainability are at the forefront of Envy Nightwear. Kaye’s approach ensures her small design runs are ethically created with love and care using family connections overseas, and where possible Envy source fabrics locally printed for their original designer prints.

Kaye believes that sleepwear can cross between day and night, indoor and outdoor are becoming more fluid. The increasing trend is towards easy glamour – versatile pieces as outwear.