Brushed Back Satin Will Change the Way You View Winter Sleepwear

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Brushed Back Satin PJ’s just might be the new work uniform this winter. The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has changed much of what we do in our everyday lives. For many of us, working from home is looking more like the norm. Now, if you are like me, I relish this idea! I feel I am more productive, getting quite a bit of work done before midday, sitting at my desk in my trackies or my PJ’s. I am also loving the work/home life balance.

What is Brushed Back Satin Fabric?

Brushed back satin is made of 75% satin on the outside with 25% cotton bonded inside. The cotton interior will trap your natural body heat inside of the garment, unlike traditional satin which has no insulation and can’t trap heat.

kobe brushed back satin interior

Perhaps the idea of wondering what to wear during lock down or in a work-from-home environment seems trivial with so much going on in the world right now. Well, I am not the only one pondering this question? I was talking to one of my customers by phone the other day, following up an enquiry about our Brushed Back Satin Pyjamas and when we might have the new season stock. This lovely customer, who lives in Queensland, and yes I hear you say “Why would anybody want Brushed Back satin PJ’s, that are really warm, in Queensland?” Well, travel to the inland regions of Queensland in June and July, at night, and you will find your answer!  As it happens this lady has a health condition and finds it really hard to find PJ’s that provide the warmth her body craves but still allows for the ease of movement whilst in bed.

Brushed Back Satin Sleepwear Back in Australia

Last year we sold out of our Brushed Back satin PJ’s in a 6 week rush!  Having missed out last year, my customer tried department stores and other independent retailers to find Brushed Back satin PJ’s, with no luck. Well, we’ve all been on a search for comfort and anything that makes life easier and put a smile on our face since the first mention of our new stay-at-home regime, now nearly 12 months down the track. If you are like me, I have found plenty of coping mechanisms for the pandemic survival. From YouTubing new recipes, getting into my garden, painting the house from the front door to the back, re-connecting with old friends I haven’t spoken to in a while, to watching copious amounts of Foxtel TV series.

kobe brushed back satin pjs

The introduction of our Brushed Back Satin Sleepwear Range will completely change the way you view bedtime through the winter months. On it’s release, Envy Nightwear was the only outlet in Australia that provided brushed back satin sleepwear.

As it starts to cool down here in Australia, it can be a sad reality for many of us. Gone are the warm summer days spent by the beach, the cool drinks out on the deck and the satin and lace lingerie and nightwear we spent most of our nights wearing. In the past, the coming of winter meant packing away of all our cute & comfy sleepwear and bringing out the track pants. But Envy Nightwear is changing things. Brushed back satin provides both warmth, style and comfort.

With Brushed back satin sleepwear you get the best of both worlds: style and comfort.

Here are a few reasons why you’ll agree that Brushed back satin is the go to winter designer sleepwear material:

It Can Keep You Warm

Brushed Back satin may look silky and airy, but on the inside is a warm cotton surprise!

It’s Light

Traditional satin sleepwear is typically preferred in warmer months because it’s considered one of the coolest materials to sleep in. However, Brushed back satin is a wonderful winter sleepwear material because it’s light and cosy. Its 75% satin composition means that it’s not heavy, but its 25% cotton composition means your body will still stay warm.

Rapture Brushed Back Satin Calf Robe

Designer Sleepwear this Winter Without Freezing

Satin gives off an air of elegance. Be honest, when you put on your favourite pair of matching satin pyjamas, you feel like you could be sleeping in a palace! Every major retail store catalogue feature pictures of women in satin pajamas- there’s no denying that satin is stylish. You can stay stylish this winter without freezing!  Brushed back satin pyjamas will make you never want to wear winter pyjamas made out of any other material ever again.

Brushed Back Satin PJs are Back in 2021!

New in stock we’ve just got in our new Kobe Brushed Back Satin PJs, which are similar in style to our extremely popular Elise range but include brushed back cotton bonded to the interior for extra warmth!

kobe brushed back satin pjs

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  1. Dale Nealer
    | Reply

    How much are the brushed back Pyjamas and are they the only design?

    • Geoff Moran
      | Reply

      Hi Dale. Yes, the animal print is the only design that we manufacture in brushed back satin. The pyjamas proved to be very popular and as a result, they are now unfortunately out of stock.

    • Kaye Hosking
      | Reply

      Sunday 7th March 2021.
      Hi Dale, just following up from where Geoff left your enquiry about the brushed back satin PJ’s in June last year. We sold out of these PJ’s really fast last winter, so for this reason we have our new season winter PJ’s in stock now for 2021.
      The print is called Cherry Blossom, of course in brushed back satin, in a full size range. For your consideration I have attached the link:
      Cheers Kaye Envy Nightwear

  2. April
    | Reply

    Will you be getting more stock?

  3. Lyn Odegaard
    | Reply

    Want to buy a pair of brushed back satin Pyjamas in Australia

    • Kaye Hosking
      | Reply

      Sunday 7th March 2021
      Hi Lyn, following up from your enquiry on our brushed back satin Pj’s. I know they are very hard to find and that is why we sold out last year (2020) Just letting you know that we have our brushed back satin PJ’s back in stock (2021) and for your interest I have provided the below link. The PJ’s are designed by me in Australia.
      Cheers Kaye
      Envy Nightwear

  4. Robyn
    | Reply

    Is Rapture available now? Is it made in Australia?

    • Kaye Hosking
      | Reply

      Sunday 7th March 2021.
      Hi Robyn, just following up on your enquiry regarding the brushed back satin Pj’s. Unfortunately we sold out really fast last year (2020). As a result, we now have our new season brushed back satin Pj’s back in stock. For your consideration I have attached the link to the Envy Nightwear website.
      Cheers Kaye Envy Nightwear

  5. Sandra Dickson
    | Reply

    I understood from your original Ad that you sold the fabric as I make my own Pyjamas are you able to advise
    Regards Sandra Dickson

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