Guide to Buying Lingerie and Sleepwear for your Special Someone

The good news is….if all else fails, we are only an email or call away for assistance.

Alternatively, you may ask your loved one to create a Wishlist Account.  A password is created individually for each person linked to the account. Upon creation of the Wishlist account, the gift recipient selects a number of garments or accessories for their consideration.  To finalise the gift purchase and payment, you simply enter your password, select the highlighted items in the Wishlist and add to cart any other personalised or additional accessories to the gift box.

Why do women love receiving beautiful lingerie and nightwear?…Let us spend a few moments thinking about the woman who is now your wife, your partner or your special someone?  Now think about the two of you when you were dating!  How nice would it be to bring more of that feeling back into your everyday life?  Buying Lingerie and Sleepwear is an easy winner every time.

Simply, it makes the woman in your life feel “seen”, respected, nurtured and valued.  It makes her feel good about herself.  It takes her back to the core of who she was when you were dating and importantly, who she is today and all that she means to you, right now, before you.  As a result of this gift, she may feel, possibly, more centred in herself, more relaxed and she may prioritise a little more time for her own self-care.  This connectedness, in turn, turns to gratitude and joy which is shared with you her partner.

Upon opening her Envy gift-box, the garments appear from under the tissue paper.  Instantly, her mind accesses the quality. Delighted. What the item will feel like on her skin? When can she can wear it and in what setting? We promise she will appreciate your thoughtfulness and considered choice.  You have created a meaningful atmosphere of anticipation and now you must follow through … with a heartfelt note.  I will not go into the Five Languages of Love theory just yet but… a couple of the five - receiving gifts and words of affirmation can be achieved by shopping online with Envynightwear.  We make it easy for you, maybe too easy, I think!  For an added fee, a handwritten card can be personalised and included in the gift-box.

Think allure when buying a lingerie gift for her.  Remember to create the atmosphere but not the expectation.

Every time, she slips into her gift of lingerie or sleepwear, she will possibly think about the moment she opened the gift box, the personalised note, the memories you created together - and she may think of this every time she wears the garment going forward.  For me, a lingerie gift says what I meant to him, how he saw me but I also associate how I felt in that moment upon wearing it and all the times that followed. Important considerations - will she feel centred, sensual and feel “seen” by you, her partner.

Whether you are a man or a woman, in a relationship or not - we can all relate - we all take on juggling and wearing too many hats.  Somehow life has taken over and we become the home manager, the provider, the carer, the unpaid “Uber” driver, the juggler of all the many “todo tasks” and that leaves very little capacity for the individual to nurture themselves let alone their partner. We need to turn that around. Gifts of sleepwear, provide space to re-centre, decompress and build new moments together.  And this is my hope for your gift.

And for those that say, “she doesnt wear nightwear to bed”, well, we take it as the highest compliment if our garments fall to the floor at just the right moment.  We promise we will not take offence.

Make Her Feel Seen - The ease of buying gifts at Envy Nightwear - Personalise the Selection

Create Allure. Let her feel seen and heard.  All our garments are beautiful and you are spoilt for choice on our website. The right gift creates an enduring memory of feeling appreciated.  It doesn’t go unseen or unappreciated, it is noted.  Our garments are a feast for the senses: the fabrics feel luxurious, the right amount of shimmer, the styles and tailoring are designed to be alluring, timeless as well as comfortable.  You will be drawn to touch her.  Our collections are designed to highlight the feminine body in all the right places.  We design for real women’s bodies.

Sizing - Our garment sizes are inclusive from size 6 to size 26 for the majority of styles and are designed to complement any body shape.  Your gift recipient will not question the luxury or the quality of any of our garments. They will revel in the feel of the fabric of the skin and how it drapes on her body.  Importantly, she will notice the quality of the finishes. The opening of our Gift Box also creates the ideal gift giving moment.

Fabrics - does she like silk, satin or sustainable fabrics?

Finally, the choice of her sleepwear preferences should determine which items you buy? Some women like robes and nighties.  Others prefer pant or short sets. Choose colours carefully.  Does she like to sleep in bright colours or light colours? You may choose sets of robes and nighties, classic pjs, french knicker sets, three and two piece sets, matching slippers, silk pillowcases, silk eye masks as well garments from our Signature collection with hand painted motifs. The list continues, delicate chemises, bias slip dresses, chemise, silk nighties, silk camisoles, kimonos and robes. If it is the first time you are buying her nightwear (or the first time for a while), go with a beautiful short (knee length) nightie in silk or satin, an elegant robe set or a classic pj with matching silk cami.

How can I personalise my gift?

You may personalise your gift by the following three ways:

A) Accessorise the nightwear with silk pillowcases, silk eye masks, garters and slippers.

B) Personalise the gift with a handwritten card or wording from our in-stock cards. This will be the first thing she will see upon opening the gift-box.

C) Shipping or Personal Courier (Brisbane City/suburbs).  Normal shipping is via Australia Post Express and typically we turnaround our orders within 24hours of receiving the order.  If the gift needs urgent delivery, pls email us directly with the items you would like to purchase and the location for the delivery and we will do our best to get it to your beloved even if last minute.  This can offered to those within Brisbane, inner city suburbs and possibly Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast for an additional fee.

We promise after your first purchase, you will be a returning customer.  We are a company that takes the intent of gift buying seriously.  Gift buying can be the start of charting a new course in your relationship and we hope to assist you in this endeavour.


How to Find Out Her Size

We stock nightwear in sizes ranging from size 6 to size 26.  To quietly find the correct size to buy, we suggest:

  1. Take a glance in her wardrobe. Ideally look for a pair of jeans and a buttoned blouse or shirt and note the sizes and the region eg AU 12, EU42, USA 6 - they are all different sizes in each country but correlate as such below.
  2. Look at our international sizing chart below using these sizes.
  3. Use the larger of the two sizes you noted if they aren’t equal.

It’s that easy.

Australian 8 10 12 14 16 18
British 8 10 12 14 16 18
American 4 6 8 10 12 14
European 36 38 40 42 44 46
French 38 40 42 44 46 48
Italian 42 44 46 48 50 52
Japan 9 11 13 15 17 19

If you need additional help in making your selections, we are a phone call or text/email away.  Don't hesitate to contact us at