How to Measure

As there is no global logic regarding women's sizing, Envy Nightwear would like to share the guidelines upon which our garments are based. We believe these three measurements taken with a flexible measuring tape clarify our garment sizing:

  1. Bust - note: this isn't the same as your bra size. Thread a tape measure under arms, across the back at the shoulder blades and on the front, around the fullest part of the bust.
  2. Waist - natural waistline.  Bend to one side to find your natural indentation in the torso.
  3. Hips - Stand with your feet together and measure around the fullest part of your hips. It might help to face sideways into a mirror. Measure 20cms or 8 inches down from your natural waistline

Any queries, please feel free to contact us!  Whether it is a personal gift for yourself or a purchase for a loved one, we are more than happy to help with garment sizing and “which garment” queries.  Partners, this offer extends to you as well.  Let us help make the buying process - quick, easy and guaranteed to make your special someone feel appreciated and loved.

All garments (excluding plus size robes)

Size Bust Waist Hip
8 84-86cm 80-82cm 92-95cm
10 88-90cm 84-86cm 97-100cm
12 92-94cm 88-90cm 102-106cm
14 96 -98cm 92-96cm 109-113cm
16 100-102cm 98-102cm 116-120cm
18 106-110cm 112-116cm 122-126cm
18/20 114-118cm 122-126cm 130-136cm
20 114-118cm 122-126cm 130-136cm
22 122-126cms 128-132cm 138-142cm
24 130-134cm 134 -138cm 144-147cm


Plus size robes only

Size Bust Waist Hip
20 126-128cm 134-136cm 146-150cm
22 128-132cm 138-142cm 148-152cm
24 146-150cm 156-160cm 168-172cm