Should My Dog Sleep In My Bed?

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An age-old question that has been asked to animal trainers and friends alike is, “should my dog sleep in my bed?” Anyone who has a furry friend will know the bedtime struggle. There are very few dogs who don’t beg to sleep on their human’s bed. Many dog owners love their dogs to pieces, but are worried that letting them sleep in their beds could cause them to become needy or undisciplined. The truth is that there are several pros and cons to allowing your furry friend to share your bed. You can’t die from letting your pets sleep with you, so the decision is truly up to personal preference. Some people love the warmth their dog gives them at night, while others are appalled by the idea of their pet sitting on their silk pillowcase. If you haven’t quite decided whether or not to allow your dog to sleep in the bed with you, hopefully this list of pros and cons can help you make an informed decision.

Should my dog sleep in my bed?


Pros – Should my dog sleep in my bed?

You could connect  better with your dog

When you spend time sleeping with someone- even an animal- you become more comfortable with them and can strengthen your connection. When your dog snuggles up to you at night, he’ll feel loved and important. You’ll reap the benefits of having a loyal pet!

You could stop night time barking

There are some dogs who- trained or not- go crazy at night. They bark at every sound, trying to protect the house and their beloved humans. However, more often than not, what they think is an intruder is just a rat or an outdoor cat. There’s nothing more annoying than trekking downstairs in your birthday suit or pyjamas to tell your dog to “hush!” Some dog owners have found that there is only one to stop night time barking. If you want some peace and quiet, let your dog sleep in your bed.

You could stay warm

Our bedrooms can get extremely cold. We’ve all woken up with our feet freezing in the middle of the night. Satin sleepwear can help keep your body temperature regulated, but sometimes the cold is just too much! One way to prevent yourself from getting cold at night is to allow your dog to sleep in your bed with you. Your head can stay cool on your silk pillowcase while your dog can curl up at your feet to keep you warm.

You could feel safe

It can be scary to live by yourself. Even if you live with family, it can get spooky in a quiet room at night. Allowing your dog to sleep with you can help you feel safe and protected throughout the night. This can lead to better sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Cons -Should my dog sleep in my bed?

Anyone who has a furry friend will know of the bedtime struggle

You could encourage inappropriate dog behaviors

Dogs can be naughty, especially when they don’t think their owners are watching. If your dog sleeps in your bed with you, they could get into mischief in your bedroom while they’re sleeping. If they’re not trained properly, they could end up peeing on the floor, chewing up boxes or making noise.

You could cause doggy aggression

Some animal experts believe that allowing your dog to sleep in your bed will cause them to view you as just another member of the pack. They could start to feel like the dominant one in your relationship and could even try to assert dominance by showing aggression.

Your pyjamas, sheets and pillowcases could get dirty

Sleeping with your dog may keep you warm and feeling safe, but it can also attribute to a more regular need to change your sheets, pillowcases and sleepwear. Needless to say, if more washing is a turn off, then you have your answer! If you value your luxury silk sleepwear or silk pillowcases or even that expensive doona cover, you’ll keep them far away from your beloved dog.

You could end up sharing your silk pillowcase

Many of us enjoy sleeping on a high-quality, breathable and temperature regulating silk pillowcase. There’s absolutely nothing more relaxing. However, if you allow your dog to sleep with you, you never know where they’ll end up! You could wake up with a doggy butt in your face, perched on your silk pillowcase!

Whether or not you allow your dog to sleep with you is ultimately your own choice. While it works well for some, it’s a pain for others. It all depends on your preferences, your lifestyle and your dog’s unique personality. However, there are some important things to note. If you do allow your dog to spend the night in your bed, be sure that you aren’t wearing your best silk sleepwear.

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