Don’t Give Me Slippers On Mother’s Day

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Give me Luxurious Nightwear!

Make me look and feel like the woman I am. Not another pair of slippers please this Mother’s Day!

Every year Mother’s Day comes around and no matter how much we love the mums in our lives we’ll often find ourselves at a loss as to the day’s events. What should you do? What gift should you get her? How do you show her and tell her you appreciate that she is just there for you and the family always!

With any luck you’ve already planned something suitably indulgent or bought her that luxury Mother’s Day. But if you haven’t, here’s how to get it right. Has she dropped any hints? The chances are she has, and these will have been dropped with varying degrees of subtlety ranging from “I quite liked that set of earrings I saw at Christmas time” to “I’ve just tagged you in on this beautiful nightgown I saw that came through on my Facebook feed last week”.

Even if she has told you that she’s not that fussed about Mother’s Day, she’s still going to wake up, turn on her phone, scroll down her Facebook or Instagram account and be hit with a celebration of maternal greatness. Until your kids can pull something decent out of the bag for themselves it’s your job to make a fuss on their behalf.

Even then there’s a difference between a thoughtful gift that has meaning and something clearly bought out of desperation just so you have something to hand over on Mother’s Day. Mum’s know the difference. Things like slippers….oh please not another pair of slippers!!! Sunglasses, cooking utensils, are equally ranked among the items most mums don’t want.

Beside that all important gift, here are 8 ways to additionally pamper mum on Mother’s Day

1. Don’t let her pick up a single dish – So no cleaning cooking or chores of any kind. After all, this is her day!

2. Get the kids involved. If there are young children in the family have them bring her breakfast in bed or deliver that special gift to mum first thing in the morning

3. Brunch. Her first meal shouldn’t be anything less that scrumptious! So, taking her out for a fantastic brunch is the perfect way to pamper her in the morning.

4. A Car Wash – a vehicle free of crumbs and clutter is like getting a new car all over again.

5. Book a spa treatment. Mum’s love to have just that bit of time to themselves or if you have older kids set up a homemade spa with candles and homemade scrubs.

6. Turn the to do list into the done list. Tackle a couple of those to-do list jobs around the house and turn them in to DONE. She will love you for it!

7. Sleep! Give your sleep deprived mum some time during the day to have a nap. Catching up on some sleep is one of her favourites.

8. What’s for dinner? Take care of dinner including the shopping. This will free mum up for more family time.

You can do Better this Year

So, are you really going to just give mum a pair of slippers and some flowers this Mother’s Day? You can do better than that. Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last minute to buy something she may not want. Put some thought into that luxurious gift a week or two before the big day so you can be sure you’re giving her something she really wants.

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If you’re a hopeful mum reading this blog who’s got a section in their wardrobe just for the unwanted slippers, this isn’t a bad article to tag him in on or share on Facebook – trust us, we’re all looking for a simple solution that will make it easy to spoil our amazing mum’s this Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day 14th May 2017

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