How Versatile Can a Cami Be?

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The cami is a girl’s most versatile layering garment

A cami can be worked in so many ways, whether you want to wear it underneath a jacket when you require a nine to five outfit or with a lovely skirt or pants as you step out for night out. Oh, and they also come in different colours; my favourite is when they come in two really versatile colours that compliment any outfit: ivory and black. I can wear these with any outfit, which I like. Great when I do not have time to choose among the many skirts and pants in my wardrobe.

It is not that I do not like other hues, I find them great too, they are adorable, especially when you match them perfectly. However, I would recommend investing in colours such as rich burgundy, a pastel pink, or spicing up your look with a polka dot or star print. These are great pieces that will add a little touch of fun to your great looks.
satin ivory cami or camisole

The classic cami, a timeless option

Experimenting with frills or lace embellishments is also allowed or donning different textures, such as velvet or satin. I highly recommend silk If you want a classic cami. It is a timeless option that will give you the kind of look that you deserve. Pairing it with jeans or a tucked in a skirt brings out that sexy touch. A fitted cotton cami can also offer great layering under the sweater or sweatshirt, especially when added coverage is required.

Our French Kiss camisole and knicker set is highly recommended. This set comes in ivory or black and is slightly longer in length. The knickers have a cotton gusset and an elastic waist band and lace trim on leg hemline. They are perfect wear for a night out or even for work, leaving you comfortable all day or night.

A cami is the best thing to happen to ladies. Their versatility makes them all occasion wear, when you are off to work or on a date for a romantic night out, they are perfect. Even when your retire, they are great night sleep attire especially when teamed with a matching kicker.

I bet you have a few camisoles in your wardrobe and can attest to their versatility. Share with us your ideas for wearing a cami.

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