Luxurious Nightwear – An “Under the Covers” Investment

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Buying luxurious nightwear or lingerie is akin to making an investment. But what makes these pieces truly special? Is it the material? Or, is it the way it makes you feel – beautiful, confident, sassy! The designers of luxurious nightwear and lingerie have always said the true value is not just in the material or how it makes you feel. It is beyond that!! We often think little about a splurge on expensive clothes, shoes or even makeup, yet often recoil at the price tag of luxurious nightwear, priced similarly often less expensive. We might justify our stand saying that we consider heels and clothes as investment items, and that we wear them more often.

Statistics actually show that most women in fact don’t bother much about lingerie. For example they prefer wearing conventional workhorse bras and the same level of choice extends to their choice of nightwear. But in the end, what happens is that they cringe the moment they take off that less than attractive, bad fitting bra in front of someone special or not having that special nightie that makes them feel so beautiful and special and desired.

Single or partnered, it doesn’t matter, it’s the way “you” feel, when wearing beautiful nightwear. If you do decide to give your nightwear some attention, choose wisely. Many ‘so-called’ luxury nightwear brands don’t provide the required attention to certain details. A hefty price tag and a good label do not necessarily make it a luxurious item worth buying. Our own research reflects that. When you are on a shopping spree for nightwear, especially in silk, look for chemises, nightgowns, shorts sets that preferably have enclosed French seams. The material used for ladies nightwear should feel soft on the skin. Just because it says silk or lace on the tag doesn’t mean it will be fine quality. Has the manufacturer’s material undergone laboratory testing as to silk authenticity?

Don’t be afraid to look beyond big brand names. Head for online or even brick and mortar stores that will give you more beautiful and innovative designs, and provide you that personal attention. Customer service is everything. From full length silk nightgowns to sexy satin print shorts sets, you will find the perfect garment at Envy Nightwear. It is a great place to start if you are out on the hunt for that special nightwear piece, which makes you feel like a million bucks at a very affordable price and in sizes from 8 to 18.

Well manufactured nightwear makes use of superior quality fabrics, which feels good and looks beautiful. Silk is undoubtedly the most desirable fabric when it comes to nightwear for women. The durable, strong and lustrous nature of silk makes it highly desirable in women’s luxurious nightwear. While silk nightwear and lingerie can be quite expensive, it doesn’t have to be.

That’s where we come in. Fine silks, satins, some comprising lace are represented in our collection and again at very affordable prices. Beyond the fabrics, little components like loops, sliders are an important and integral part of good luxurious nightwear. They are basically the hardware of the nightwear that holds everything in place. Therefore, when you make a purchase it is essential that you check for all these details. A broken spaghetti strap slider after the first wash of a nightgown is not acceptable. Neither is a spaghetti strap that has been manufactured in a twisted fashion.

So, the next time you are about to splurge on those fancy heels, blouse or lipstick, instead maybe consider a beautiful nightwear garment to compliment your wardrobe and drawers.

Feel free to browse our beautiful collection.


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