Our mission is to provide the very ultimate in exquisite sleepwear to the discerning woman, that makes her look and feel incredibly special and do so at an affordable price. We don’t take this mission lightly. Envy Nightwear aim to make you feel very special wearing our products and make others envious of your purchase. We achieve this by not trying to be everything to everyone. Envy Nightwear is not a drop shipping enterprise selling thousands of products that we have never actually seen. We are an Australian based site and we focus on having less, but very exclusive lines that are manufactured to our own requirements and we hold stock in Australia.

Our mission is to only use the best manufacturers and fabrics. We are very involved with every aspect of our label design process: the fabrics we use, through to the selection of samples to manufacturing, packaging and stockists. We regularly travel to China to work closely with our small family run, sustainable manufacturer, using fair trade practices. Our hands on approach ensures Envy Nightwear's small design runs are ethically created with love and care. Every garment is designed in Australia and then produced in a sustainable, personal and responsible way. We ensure manufacturing takes place under fair conditions that rewards workers. Sustainability is a thread that runs through every part of Envy Nightwear. Conscious business decisions are made daily to support sustainable practices and work towards bettering the way we make, sell and consume things.

Our Mission is to provide our customers with a safe, secure and enjoyable online shopping experience. Safe, in that our pages will never contain inappropriate contents. Secure, in that we promise to never pass on our client details to a third party and that online transactions will be conducted using the best security encryption. Enjoyable, in that you will love our lavish nightwear range and accessories that are contained within our pages.

Our mission is to engage our clientele during our exciting and ongoing journey. We encourage feedback either directly or indirectly via our social media links and hope that your thoughts, ideas and suggestions will help us to expand and create new lines accordingly.

Our mission is to make Envy Nightwear your first place to visit when you wish to buy beautiful nightwear. We acknowledge that our success is based purely on your purchases and ultimate product satisfaction. We want you to feel extra special when you purchase and wear our exquisite pieces. Your purchase will be beautifully packaged and ready to wear. For attire, we include a complimentary laundry bag to preserve the beauty of your purchase.  We are equally delighted when you purchase a gift for someone special knowing how extraordinary they will feel when they receive it, open the beautiful packaging, take out your choice of garment, put it on and feel so special and loved.

Our mission is to acknowledge that you have freedom of choice and that by choosing to make a purchase with Envy Nightwear, you will be deemed as a very valued customer and will be treated so accordingly.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Envy Nightwear, our door is always open.


"Nightwear that marries sheer elegance with luxurious comfort"