Why Mum’s are Best Friend Material

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With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, while we’re thinking about finding a mother’s day gift, it does give us some time to reflect on our relationships with our mums. Mums are, without a doubt, the most important people in our lives. Even if you haven’t always had the best relationship with your mum, there’s no denying that she holds a special place in your heart. There’s no one quite like your mum. In fact, I’ll even admit that the most important person in my life is mum, my best friend. Here are a few reasons why mums are best friend material.

They’re trustworthy

Growing up, your mum was undoubtedly the keeper of many of your secrets. Whether it was a good secret, like a surprise for a sibling, or a bad one, like hanging with the wrong crowd, your mum was always loyal when you confided in her. Throughout the years, she’s likely proven trustworthy with much heavier secrets. No matter what you need to say, you know that your mum can be trusted.

Spending Time with Mum on Mother's Day

They give amazing advice

Mums are incredibly wise. When we were younger, we thought that our mums knew everything. They had an answer to every question we asked, even the answers were sometimes “Because I said so.” As we got older, we probably asked for advice with friends, boys, college and work. As an adult, there are still times when we may go to our mums for advice. After all, our mums have been around a lot longer than we have. There’s something about advice from mum that’s more special than advice from anyone else. Every time our mum gives us a piece of advice, we know that she has our best interests at heart.

loving your mum is the best mother's day gift

They’re great teachers

Mums wear many hats: chef, playmate, cleaner, babysitter…the list goes on. One of the most important jobs a mum has is being a teacher. We may go to school and have “official” teachers, but there’s no teacher quite like mum. She’s the one who taught you how to speak, take your first steps, go to the potty, get dressed. But she’s also the one who taught you the value of friendship, the meaning of love and the importance of family. The lessons that our mums have taught us throughout our lifetime are endless. And we hope it stays that way.

There’s no denying that mums are special. They’re strong, resilient, reliable, trustworthy, supportive and always there for us when we need them. No matter how old we are, how far we’ve moved from home or what we do, our mums will be waiting with open arms. Don’t forget to say “I love you mum” to yours this upcoming Mother’s Day. We may take our mums for granted at times, but don’t let this Mother’s Day be one of those times. Let your mum know just how much she means to you with a heartfelt letter or gift. After all, she made you into the woman you are today.

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