How I Fell in Love with Silk Pillowcases

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coffee coloured silk pillowcase in bed

Did you know that on average women spend around 26 years of their life sleeping? I didn’t give this statement a lot of thought until I reached one of those mid-life birthdays. Girls you know the one/s I am talking about! My intuitive, gorgeous stepson and his partner gifted me with a beautiful silk pillowcase, that is still impacting my daily life today.

I had always heard of silk pillowcases as an anti-aging product, something I confess I was thinking more about, particularly as my lovely girlfriends, ( love you all) kept asking me what I was going to do to celebrate that special birthday. I felt really loved and appreciated when I first opened the gift box. I am known for my love of nice things; therefore, I knew anything silk was expensive. My family know I love to interchange and create a beautiful main bedroom space, so I was abreast trending bedroom styles. Things such as thread count, linen versus bamboo for sheets, comforter versus duvet were in my standard vocabulary. So now I had a new project – to find out as much as I could about silk pillowcases and to draw my own conclusion – does silk live up to the hype?

The first thing I noticed the pillowcase fitted the pillow well and the hidden zipper closure slide like butter. After a few nights sleeping on it, my first conclusion was a hidden zipper closure is far more favourable than a standard envelope flap, the pillowcase does not slide off the pillow.

Since menopause I have had trouble sleeping and suffer with restless leg syndrome which seems to be at its worst when I am lying in bed. In my endeavour to find something that might help me get to sleep and sooth my legs I have tried sleeping on bamboo, linen, cotton and all the combinations between. Now sleeping on silk, the minute, I embrace my silk pillowcase, having applied my magnesium cream to my legs, most nights I am already drifting and getting in the mood to catch some ZZZZ’s. I love this pillowcase! One of the other post-menopausal effects is I still get the occasional night sweat. Certainly, nothing like midstream menopausal hell but enough to wake me up and disturb my sleep pattern.

coffee coloured silk pillowcase in bed with eye mask

My silk pillowcase is light, cool to touch – and keeps cool throughout the night – and I find I do not sweat as much at night either.  It’s made from Mulberry silk and is 19 momme, which is the average momme count for silk pillowcases.

I hear you ask what does that all mean?

Mulberry silk is the highest quality of silk and it is renown as one of the world’s finest luxury fabrics. The unique thing about silk is how it is produced. The resulting cocoons are spun into raw silk fibres by Bomby Mori Moths fed only Mulberry leaves resulting in some of the finest silk available in the world. Simply put the momme relates to the weight of a piece of fabric measuring 100 yards long by 45 inches wide. If that piece of fabric is listed with a weight of 19 pounds, then the momme silk is 19. Higher the momme, heavier the fabric which means a greater amount of silk is used in the weaving process and I might add the higher the cost to buy. Don’t be confused silk with satin, a completely different fabric with very different properties!

Heavier momme doesn’t necessarily mean better, the silk pillowcase benefits are the same. Some will suggest the weight is more important when purchasing a silk duvet cover or silk bed sheets. Most silk dresses or clothing generally use around 8-10 momme silk fibre.

Back to my story, I have longish, coloured hair and I do not like to wear it up when sleeping as I tend to thrash around. I rarely wake up to my hair getting tugged and pulled on my silk pillowcase, something that happened nightly before. I also noticed after a few nights sleep my hair was much more manageable in the morning. The claim that silk allows your hair and skin to glide over the fabric, stopping breakage and improving the skin on your face, seems to be true. While I don’ wake up looking like Elle MacPherson, I don’t wake up looking like the lovechild of the Bride of Frankenstein anymore.

Some of my friends have tried the Curly Girl method – have you heard of it? In short, the method (there are many different techniques) is an approach to hair care designed for naturally curly hair that discourages the use of shampooing and heat styling for a healthier regime of using just conditioner and gel.

The reason I mention this my girlfriends have commented that using their silk pillowcase has helped in the preservation and management of their curls over the weeks they have been practising and perfecting their Curly Girl method. From my own research, silk pillowcases are mentioned as assisting the Curly Hair method because the hair tends to glide over the fabric.

Anyway, the time came for me to wash my pillowcase. Even though I read the washing instructions I was anxious. I need not have been! The silk pillowcase held up well to machine washing. Following washing instruction, I washed it in a lingerie wash bag and hung to dry, but not in direct sunlight. The pillowcase dried very quickly. I could have smoothed the small wrinkles with a cool iron but instead the wrinkles that formed while drying smoothed out after inserting the pillow.

tammy silk pillowcase

My whole family now sleep on silk pillowcases, even the dog! After receiving my first one as a gift, I was hooked! At the time, Envy Nightwear was a mere thought, but this influenced my decision, some years later, to include silk pillowcases as a complimentary accessory to my sleepwear range.

I mentioned my dog –she sleeps on our bed with her own silk pillowcase. I know, what a pampered pooch! I can honestly tell you she absolutely loves it. So much so I want to tell you about two everyday Tammy (that is her name) rituals. The first is when I go to make the bed each morning she runs up in front of me and positions herself, her head on the silk pillowcase, her paws clasped together as in pray, and that is my signal to tickle her tummy. If I don’t, with her paws clasped tightly together she moves her paws up and down motioning me to accommodate her.

The second ritual, equally as bad, during the day we often find Tammy has moved all the cushions on the bed, displayed within an inch of their life, so she, Tammy, can access her silk pillowcase for an afternoon nap.

tammy silk pillowcase

Probably to much sharing for some of you but for my dog lover audience I am sure they will equally have their own doggy indulgent stories. Perhaps you would like to share these with me, I would love to hear them, whether they involve silk pillowcases or not!

I will finish up by saying after sleeping on a silk pillowcase, I don’t know how I could ever go back to anything else. Perhaps you have your own review you would like to share?

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