Nightwear vs Sex Wear – The Increasing Divide

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We’ve been doing a lot of research lately and something hit my on the head the other day when I was talking to someone. I started describing the products at Envy Nightwear and the person I was talking to said “So you sell sex wear then?”. Well, I’m here to tell you their is a distinctive difference between the two that you may not be aware of.

nightwear can be worn around the house

Nightwear and sleepwear used to be synonymous. However there appears to be an emerging divide in the world of nightwear. You can call it “sex wear” or “play wear”, but sleepwear per-se, it isn’t. Many on-line stores now stock this new genre as their main product line. In many cases it’s not much more than a series of straps sewn together to form a costume. If you are under thirty five with the perfect figure, they really do look sexy and are not overly expensive. But if you don’t fit that description, you might well be a little bit self-conscious wearing such apparel. As for the sleep and comfort factor? Well, our guess is that in reality, you will want to slip into something more comfortable for a proper night’s sleep.

Here are our thoughts on the distinct differences between ‘Nightwear’ and “Sex Wear’


Sex Wear

You can sleep in it comfortably Could be a strangling hazard
It’s designed with wearability in mind It is designed to be taken off relatively quickly


This new genre might be here to stay, or it might well go the way of the see through chiffon baby doll nightie. But what we do know is that beautifully designed silk and satin nightgowns, robes, shorts sets, and pyjama sets, will always be here to stay. Nightwear that is as practical as it is elegant and sensual.

Beautiful nightwear gives you confidence and makes you look and feel like a million dollars, whether you are thirty five or sixty five. Apparel that is extremely comfortable to wear and that promotes a good night’s sleep. Apparel that looks so good, it practically morphs into daywear. Wake up in the morning, sit down, relax with that morning coffee or catch up on your email.

Is there room for both genres, certainly? Life is about choice and at Envy Nightwear we are very conscious of that.

Check out our beautiful collection.

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