Our History

With the love and insight of our Founder to our new Creative Director, our sleepwear collections are created in love, with our ultimate customers in mind. The company was inspired by the personal need to find sleepwear garments tailored to fit our real bodies. We also wanted luxury, sensuous garments that were beautiful upon sight, exquisite upon your skin, yet durable and easy-care. You will see the difference in our fabrics when you open our Gift Box.

Exclusive Fabrics

We love the design process, carefully selecting and creating our exclusive fabrics and prints, high-quality manufacturing, and packaging. Every fabric is carefully considered and tested. Our ranges are made of Satin, Silk, Organic Cotton, Cotton blend, Modal, and Organic Bamboo, with more to come.

Our exclusive fabrics and prints enhance our garments’ tailoring, fit and longevity. A tailored fit for all women. Our designs flatter and love all body shapes - a little stretch for comfort and some leniency regarding the normal fluctuation in women's lives. The look and feel of the fabrics will feed your senses. The quality fabric and superior craftsmanship extend the lifespan of our garments, so they look as good as the day they were bought with minimal care. Your little piece of luxury every time you put them on.

Who doesn't like drip-dry with little to no ironing?

Our fabrics allow for hand washing or a regular machine wash. Our garments can drip-dry or go into the dryer at a low temp. Each of our fabrics are heavily tested for colour leakage, washability (hand as well as machine wash) and dryer shrinkage. Whether you prefer hand or machine wash, please use environmentally safe detergent. Simply and quickly, wash thoroughly, rinse and hang to dry. No scrubbing, no wringing. Or a normal cycle in the washing machine on a regular cold/warm wash.  No ironing.

Our Organic fabrics

Our Organic fabrics meet European certification standards and will continue to meet benchmarks.  Additionally, we will continue to undergo fabric testing and quality control in Melbourne, Australia.

When you purchase sleepwear from Envy Nightwear. Each purchase will arrive to you beautifully gift boxed.  In addition, we include a fabric care instruction card and a complimentary mesh laundry bag for the ongoing care of the garment.

Silk is the most hypo-allergenic of all fabrics. Silk absorbs moisture; it is warm and cosy in winter and comfortably cool when temperatures rise. In addition, silk can cool and warm simultaneously.

How to care: All Envy Nightwear silks are machine washable. Lukewarm water and a gentle, delicate detergent (or mild non-alkaline shampoo/soap or baby shampoo). We strongly recommend using a mesh laundry bag in the washing machine for extra protection. Silk dries quickly; leave to dry on a hanger. Iron the garment inside out at a low temperature.

Satin Polyester/Elastane mix. Our exclusive satin fabric is very close to the texture and feel of silk. You will be surprised.

How to care: All our satin polyester mix garments are machine washable. We recommend using our mesh laundry bag for extra garment protection. Use cold or warm water. When washing, try not to wring the garment or tumble dry. If you travel, a good colourless shampoo works well as a detergent. You may iron the garment inside out at a low temperature.