Envy Nightwear's goal is to provide the very ultimate in exquisite sleepwear to the discerning woman, that makes her look and feel incredibly special and do so at an affordable price. We achieve this by not trying to be everything to everyone. Envy Nightwear is not a drop shipping enterprise selling thousands of products that we have never actually seen. Instead we are an Australian based site. We are very involved with every aspect of our label design process: the fabrics we use, through to the selection of samples to manufacturing, packaging and stockists. We regularly travel to China to work closely with our small family run, sustainable manufacturer, using fair trade practices. Our hands on approach ensures Envy Nightwear's small design runs are ethically created with love and care. Every garment is designed in Australia and then produced in a sustainable, personal and responsible way. We ensure manufacturing takes place under fair conditions that rewards workers. Sustainability is a thread that runs through every part of Envy Nightwear.

Our fabrics have undergone fabric testing and quality control in Melbourne, Australia, so if you choose to indulge in 100% Silk, that is exactly what you get.

Because we care, every Envy Nightwear purchase is presented in a beautiful garment box and includes a fabric care instruction card and a complimentary mesh laundry bag.

Silk is probably the most beloved type of fabric available and is the perfect choice when we want to feel extra special and luxurious. It is beautiful, elegant and incredibly soft to feel against the skin. Because of its natural protein structure, silk is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics. Because silk absorbs moisture, it is warm and cosy in winter and comfortably cool when temperatures rise. Its natural temperature-regular properties give silk the ability to cool and warm simultaneously.

Did you know: Silk is as strong as steel in tensile strength and is the strongest natural fibre known to man.

How to care: All Envy Nightwear 100% silks are washable. Technically silk does not shrink like other fibres. when washing use lukewarm water and a mild non-alkaline shampoo/soap or baby shampoo. We strongly recommend, when using a top loading machine, using a mesh laundry bag in the washing machine for extra protection. Roll in a towel, when done to remove excess water. Silk dries quickly so please do not in a dryer. Iron on the wrong side of the fabric at a low temperature.

Satin Polyester/Elastane mix

The smooth, shiny surface of a satin fabric is one of the most recognized fabrics in fashion. Designers often confuse satin weave with silk fibre. Satin is a weave , not a fibre. Satin fabrics use multifilament yarns only. The fibres are commonly woven to create satin are silk, cotton, wool and synthetic materials like polyester. This weaving process enhances the appearance of the fabric and provides a wonderful glossy finish surface and a dull back.

How to care: All our satin polyester mix garments are washable. A good colourless shampoo works well as a detergent. Use warms water and add a fabric softener to the final rinse cycle. When washing , try not to wring the garment or tumble dry. We strongly recommend, when using a top loading machine, use a mesh laundry bag in the washing machine for extra protection. If ironing is needed, iron on the wrong side of the fabric at low temperature.