Quality Nightwear – Swimming with the Big Fish

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Our Vision

At Envy Nightwear we are conscious that we swim with much bigger fish when it comes to selling luxurious nightwear. But we’re also conscious that bigger isn’t necessarily better. Quality nightwear, presentation and service is what we expected so we decided to go about providing it.

Unpacking an Envy Nightwear garment box containing luxurious nightwear

Our Research

During our inception we rigorously researched the market. We knew we could do better in terms of garment quality, presentation and of course customer service. How did we know this? Well, we were customers of numerous on-line stores so that we could benchmark these aspects. Some stores were fantastic, but incredibly, many were totally lacking in business fundamentals. These included a lack of customer service response when requested, inaccurate garment size labeling, poor manufacturing quality and inferior fabrics. We also noticed many garments delivered in compressed cellophane wrapping…hardly inviting and certainly not ready for immediate wear.

Our Results

We were able to establish a benchmark and set ourselves the goal to raise it to a totally new level.  We see ourselves as a boutique on-line store for smart, savvy and discerning shoppers. Just because they are purchasing on-line shouldn’t mean receipt of a lessor service. We are passionate about our luxurious nightwear range and equally passionate about our level of business acumen. Our clients will always get the absolute best in quality, whether it is a chemise, robe, long and short nightgowns, shorts sets or accessories within our range.

All our orders are beautifully packaged as standard and the elegant garments are wrapped in tissue paper. We include a complimentary gift, care instructions and return form.  All of this is backed up by good old fashioned real customer service at realistic and affordable prices. When you open an Envy Nightwear apparel box you will instantly know what we mean.

At Envy Nightwear we wish to get bigger, but our growth will never be at the expense of the principles we hold dear. It’s what sets us apart, it’s the Envy Nightwear way.

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