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Silk Eye Mask & Matching Pouch – Pink (Gift Boxed)

AU $45.00

Do you wake up at the slightest hint of light flickering through your eyelids? The early morning sun, a light turning on in your room – no matter what it is, as soon as you sense it, you can say goodbye to your sleep.

It’s time to put a stop to that by using our 100% natural mulberry silk – the highest quality silk fibre.

We care about what you put on your eyes, and so should you. Our mulberry silk sleep mask is lightweight, soft, and gentle, but still blocks 100% of ambient light thanks to its double layer filling.

  • Ultra Fine & Gentle – 6A Grade Mulberry Silk
  • Double Layer Filler Soft On The Eyes
  • No Velcro That Can Get Caught Up In Your Hair
  • Natural, Odourless & Hypoallergenic

We recommend using our silk eye mask:

  1. For quick daytime catnaps – blocks sunlight, making it easier to fall asleep faster
  2. At night – protect your eyes, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer
  3. When traveling – this mask is your own private little retreat when on a plane or a train
  4. When relaxing your eyes – long day, too much eye strain, need the world to disappear



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