Silk Pillowcases Can Make You Look Younger!

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What is it about Silk Pillowcases?

A silk pillowcase is a fabulous luxury. When we think of silk, we tend to focus on its elegance and visual appeal, but there are various health benefits of silk. Silk pillowcases have been around for centuries and were typically found in only the wealthiest of households. Today they’re readily available to anyone who cares to own them. They’re all natural; promote beauty sleep and a silk pillowcase is great for your hair.

Studies have proven sleeping on silk pillowcases reduces wrinkles and fine lines
Studies show sleeping on silk reduces wrinkles and fine lines

Silk is hypoallergenic and completely natural. It is derived from silkworms and contains amino acids that are friendly to the human skin, unlike other fabrics. Silk draws moisture and also fits comfortably to ambient temperatures. This keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter which gives you a better nights sleep.

What does the Science Say about Sleeping on Silk?

There is scientific evidence dating back almost 20 years that may explain how silk pillowcase makes one sleep better and look younger.  Swiss scientists published research in the Toiletries and Cosmetics Journal to show that sericin, the protein in silk, can bind to the keratin in the skin resulting in a homogeneous protective film. With this, silk can form a barrier layer, helping retain moisture and possibly having a plumping, anti-wrinkle effect which leaves you with more beautiful skin.

All these celebrities sleep on a silk pillowcase 
All these celebrities sleep on a silk pillowcase

The way we place our face on a pillow while we sleep can affect the number of wrinkles we develop. Since cotton pillowcases are harsher on our skin, they can pull on the delicate skin, especially around the eye area, as we move. Also there are anti-aging benefits of silk since it stops any wrinkles forming due to weight from the head to the pillow. Switch to silk, and you will dramatically reduce morning crease-face and fight off those sleep lines on face.

We Recommend Silk Pillowcases for Hair and Skin

After sleeping on a silk pillowcase, your skin will look brighter and more radiant. You’ll wish to continue because it feels like sleeping in the lap of luxury. What’s more, you’ll be waking up with good bed hair! In fact, you’ll refuse to travel anywhere without it. They feel luxurious, sensual, and have some impressive all-around benefits. So perhaps it’s time to consider switching from cotton to silk pillowcase? I think your skin and overall health will thank you for it.

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