Buying Her Sleepwear for Christmas

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So, you have decided to buy your wife, girlfriend, yourself (apparently it happens, don’t feel guilty), your mum, some sleepwear for Christmas. A big decision but sorry, it doesn’t end there, not by a long shot. Strap in and come for a ride…

happy girlfriend receiving sleepwear christmas gift

The most important step is to know that special persons’ size. It’s like the foundation of your home: without it, you’ve got nothing. Think about it, there is no way you can buy the wrong size and have it turn out okay. Too large and she’ll be wondering if you think she’s really that big…ouch, bruise. Too small, and she’ll think you’re hinting that she needs to lose a few kgs…ouch, another bruise.

Fortunately, sizing is also the easiest step of all. The number one easiest thing is to just take a look inside her intimate’s drawer. Check the tags on bras, knickers and cami tops and if that’s not possible, just ask. Alternatively take a more detailed look at our “Men’s buying guide”.

happy mum receiving envy nightwear christmas gift
How did you know? Best present ever!

Now that you’ve discovered her size, you can move on to determining her style. There are three things you want to take note of here: cut, fabric, and colour. Does she lean more to short or calf nighties, thin straps or wider support on the shoulders? Or pyjamas: short sleeve, long leg or visa versa? As far as fabric, do you see a lot of cotton, satin, silk or lace? While examining colour, is it mostly black, pastels or jewel tones? These are important cues.

Some may not understand the point of this particular step. The best way to ensure your gift is a winner, buy something you already know she likes. Buying the style she prefers makes her more comfortable. A comfortable woman is a confident woman. And a confident woman is a sexy woman.

Now that you’re acquainted with her tastes, it’s time to take all that information to the store, either physical or online. Start by finding pieces which are pretty much identical to the ones you saw in her drawer. Don’t consider price (that will come later), just identify things that are close, but not quite the same, to what she already owns. For example, if her sleepwear drawer had a bunch of ivory chemises, a black one might be a nice change. The key here is not to change more than one or two elements at once. If the lady in question goes to bed every night in an old t-shirt and socks, you probably don’t want to leap to sheer backless teddies with matching g-strings. Not a good idea!!!

Finally, if absolutely nothing works, all is not lost. Instead, buy her a gift certificate. Christmas shopping for sleepwear together with a decadent lunch in-between makes for a fantastic day date!

Good luck and Happy Christmas shopping

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