Valentine’s Day isn’t Just for Lovers

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No matter who you are, you have one of two reactions on Valentine’s Day, February 14- either you’re absolutely elated or completely unamused. If you have a special someone in your life, you’re most likely excited to celebrate the holiday of love. However, if you’re single, you’re probably a lot less excited to be reminded of the fact today while you’re bombarded with sights of lovey dovey couples at dinner or women receiving bouquets and chocolate from their lovers. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being single, but with a holiday like Valentine’s Day, you’d never know it. If you’re in a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be a cute reminder of why you appreciate your significant other.

But where’s the holiday celebrating singles? Unfortunately, we’ve yet to find it- which means that instead of making your own holiday as a single woman, you’ll need to find ways to reinvent Valentine’s Day. Though Valentine’s Day exists to celebrate love and romance, society today perceives it as a chance to celebrate the love between two people. But what about self-love? Shouldn’t we celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing ourselves love and appreciation, too? Here are several unique gift ideas to celebrate the loving relationship you have with yourself.

Bella satin short robe ivory openBuy yourself some sexy sleepwear

Just because you don’t have a significant lover at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t dress up! You don’t need a man to feel sexy. Instead of sulking over the fact that you’ll be alone on Valentine’s day, how about you embrace it and buy yourself a satin nightie or some sexy lingerie? Get dressed up for yourself. Spend some time checking yourself out in the mirror and pour yourself a glass of wine. You deserve it!

Go on a solo movie date

When most people think of going to the movies, they rarely go alone. However, the same group of people probably have a list of upcoming releases that they’re excited to see. Don’t wait around for a man to take you to the movies on a date- take yourself instead!

On this Valentine’s Day, celebrate your strong and loving relationship with yourself by taking yourself out to see the newest release at the movie theatre! Put on your favorite blouse and your cutest pair of heels. Embrace the time you get to spend with yourself- you’re pretty cool after all. And when you get home, slip into your favourite comfortable and sexy sleepwear and get that beauty rest.

Take yourself wine tasting

Isn’t wine so romantic? Not to mention delicious! Now imagine drinking wine on a beautiful vineyard during the most stunning sunset you’ve ever seen. Instead of sitting at home this Valentine’s Day, take yourself on a romantic excursion. You’ll get to taste some tasty wines and take in some beautiful sights. Enjoy the peaceful solitude of your own presence. Talk about relaxing!

This Valentine’s Day, embrace all of the ways you can practice loving self-care to thank yourself for all of the hard work you do. Whether you buy yourself some sexy sleepwear, go on a solo movie date or take yourself wine tasting, remember that you deserve all of the love and happiness life can offer.

Hopefully this list of unique gift ideas has given you some inspiration for treating yourself this Valentine’s Day!

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