At Envy Nightwear we are happy to engage with Business Clients who wish to purchase our beautiful lines on a wholesale basis. If you would like to stock Envy Nightwear as part of your product range, simply provide the following details along with any other pertinent information and we will respond to you accordingly.

  1. The details of the garments you are interested in ordering:
    • Garment Type(s)
    • Colour(s)
    • Size(s)
    • Amount of each Garment Type/Size/Colour combination
  2. Additional items to complement your order:
    • Envy Nightwear custom (flat pack) apparel boxes (please specify amount)
    • Envy Nightwear custom (flat pack) pillow boxes (please specify amount)
    • Envy Nightwear laundry wash bags (please specify amount)
  3. Any additional information:
    • Time and deadline constraints etc
  4. Send your enquiry details to:

We look forward to working with you.

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