Why Women & Men Are Drawn to Animal Prints

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What is it about animal prints that is so intriguing?

After we saw the success of our new sleepwear range, we realised that we weren’t the only ones crazy for animal print! We then started to see animal prints turn up in everything from phone accessories, ladies coats, pants, boots, socks, scarves the list is endless. Just take a walk around your nearest shopping centre!

After designing our new range, we got to thinking…we knew that we absolutely adored this leopard print, but why? We took it upon ourselves to uncover the truth behind why women and men are drawn to animal prints. What we found shocked us and we’re sure it will have a profound impact on you, too!

If you take a moment to reflect, it can seem strange that humans choose to dress in the “skins” of another animal. While most clothing with animal prints like leopard prints are just that- prints and not actual animal skins- the concept is still the same. Women who wear animal prints are essentially dressing up as, and therefore embodying, another animal. Here are a few reasons why we do this:

Arouse your love interests:

Fear is, amongst other things, a form of arousal. It causes an adrenaline rush, which can also be caused by attraction or excitement. Because fear can elicit the same physiological response as arousal, our subconscious tells us that fear can be used to attract a mate.

So what does wearing animal prints have to do with fear? Everything! By wearing animal prints, we are embodying a specific animal. Animals like leopards, for example, are beautiful and dangerous creatures. If you were in the wild and came across a leopard, chances are your heart would start pounding a little faster than normal. By wearing this print around someone we find attractive, they can have the same response.

wearing animal print says we as women are beautiful and dangerous creatures

Appear wild and untamed:

When we refer to our “animal instincts,” we are often referring to the parts of ourselves that act on instinct in an often wild and unexpected way. Many animals, by nature, are wild and untamed. Some of the most popular animal prints to wear are leopard and zebra (but not together). Both of these animals are savage and unconfined. When it comes to our personalities and characteristics, many women rebel against society’s gender roles. We don’t want to be wear the definition of “feminine” that says we need to be mild-mannered, calm, agreeable and above all else, easy to control.

We are human beings with free will and like to dress as wild and untamed animals.

When we refer to our "animal instincts" we are referring to the parts of ourselves that act on instinct on an often wild and unexpected way.

Show strength:

In addition to animal prints implying a wild and untamed nature, certain animals are quite high in the food chain. The higher in the food chain, the more power an animal has. Sure, humans are very high up on the food chain, but that is only because of technological advancements. Thrown into the wild with other animals, we humans would last a day! A strong animal like a leopard, on the other hand, can protect herself and keep her pack safe, too. There is an inherent strength in big cats- even the females- that isn’t associated with human females.

A common stereotyped for woman is they are less strong or weaker than their male counterparts. While this is completely unfounded, one way that we can assert our strength and power is to wear animal prints. Dressing in animal prints, women’s strength will be unquestioned and seen as both intimidating and assertive.

Who knew that psychology could have an explanation for why we choose to wear the colors and prints that we do? While it may just seem like personal preference and style – there’s no denying that there are several psychologically backed reasons why women and men are drawn to animal prints.

If were honest with ourselves, we have all been drawn to animal prints, at some time or another. In fact, your time may be now! There’s just something about animal prints that is so enticing. We are more than familiar with the allure of animal prints, which is why our new brushed back satin designer sleepwear for women is in a leopard print.

rapture pyjamas standing

Fall in love with our brushed back satin animal prints:

Our new brushed back satin sleepwear range can satisfy your affinity for animal prints, regardless of the reason behind your appreciation. When it comes to winter pyjamas for women, there are many options; you can wear cotton, wool or even fleece! But how comfortable are those materials really? In the cold Australian winters, it’s important that you can find some warm pyjamas that are both comfortable and a reflection of your personal style. Satin pyjamas are by far the most comfortable, but they aren’t usually the warmest option.

However, brushed back satin is the exception.  The fabric comprises 75% satin on the outside and 25% cotton bonded to the inside. The fabric will keep you warm while also looking stylish! Extremely hard to find in Australia, we sourced it from Asia and are the only company in the country providing true brushed back satin sleepwear. Our new leopard-print range contains everything from a ladies nightie to full-coverage pyjamas.

Stunning pyjamas, a calf-length robe, a calf-length nightie and a short nightie make up the entire winter sleepwear range. Don’t freeze this winter or settle for warm but unattractive sleepwear. You deserve better! Unleash your “animal instincts”, walk a little on the wild side and embrace a soft, warm and comfortable set of brushed back satin pj set.

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